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Sarasota Area Sailing Results
Many of the race results links to the official SSS site are missing since that website changed management.
We tried to rescue as many results as possible before that change. If you can't find a particular race result send email to webmaster.
We may be able to find it for you.

Windjammer to Venice
VX One Winter Series

Sailfest   Green   RWB   4.7   Radial   420  
One Design Midwinters
Sunfish Midwinters
Cherry Pie Regatta   1   2   3
 2011 Sarasota Bay Cup   2010 Sarasota Bay Cup    

Great Pumpkin Official   or with Bob's PFA system.
Labor Day   One Design - PHRF
Sarasota Bay Cup
Sharks Tooth
Friday Night Series   4   5   6   7   8   Spring A Overall
9   10   11   12   13   14   15   16   Spring B Overall
  17   18   19   20   23   Summer C Overall
  24   26   Summer D Overall
Sailfest   - Dinghys   PHRF
One Design Midwinters
Pot O' Gold - PHRF - Scots - Scows Laser Masters M/W Overall  Divisions
Cherry Pie

Laser District 13 Championship   Full Rig    Radials    4.7s
Commodore's Cup PHRF   Scots & E Scows
Drumstick Regatta
SYC Regatta
Flying Scot State Series
Great Pumpkin
Bob Buzzelli Memorial Regatta
Sunfish SE Regional Championship
Cortez Cup Regatta
BYC Kick Off Regatta
Friday Night Summer Series
Labor Day Regatta One Design - PHRF
Friday Night Spring Series
Around Lido Race
Sarasota Key West Race
Sarasota Bay Cup
One Design Midwinters
Pot o' Gold
Cherry Pie

Sarasota Bay Cup
Commodore's Cup
Great Pumpkin
Bob Buzzelli Multihull Regatta
Hula Cup (Excel)
BYC Kick Off Results
Labor Day Results
Friday Summer Series
Friday Summer  1  4  5  8  9
Friday Spring Series  
One Design Midwinters
29er Midwinters
Cherry Pie
Snowbird Regatta

Sarasota Bay Cup
Commodore's Cup
Fall Sunday Series
Flying Scot State Championship
SYC Regatta
Great Pumpkin
Womens Sunfish NA Championship
Labor Day Regatta
Friday Summer Series Total
Opti National Championship
Friday Spring Series Total
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
One Design MidWinters
Pot o' Gold Regatta
Cherry Pie Regatta
Snowbird Regatta
Sunday Winter Series
Hangover Regatta

Commodore's Cup  PHRF  Dinghies Friday Night Summer Series Final Pot O' Gold
Fall Series Friday Night Spring Series 2005 Sunfish Masters & Midwinters
Drumstick Regatta Sarasota Bay Cup Cherry Pie Regatta
SYC Regatta Sailfest Send Results Sunday Series
Great Pumpkin Hula Cup Womens' Championship Snowbird Regatta
Labor Day Regatta SSS One Design Midwinters Hangover Regatta

Commodore's Cup
Drumstick Regatta
Flying Scot Florida Championship
Great Pumpkin
Sunday Fall Series
BYC Kick-Off Regatta
Labor Day Results
Friday Night Summer Series Final
Friday Night Spring Series Final
Sailfest   Optis   All others
SaraBay Cup
Michelob Light One-Design Midwinters
Pot o' Gold
Cherry Pie Regatta - Optis   All others
Winter Sunday Series
SBYA Boat of the Year Series
Snowbird Regatta
Hangover Regatta - Photos

Commodore's Cup
Fall Sunday Series
PHRF & Scots    SR Max

Drumstick Regatta
Great Pumpkin Regatta  PHRF Optis
Friday Night Summer Series Totals
Friday Night Summer Results

1 2 3 4 5 8 10 11
2003 Labor Day Regatta
Opti Red   White   Blue   RWB   Green  
SR Max   PHRF   Cats   420   Flying Scot  
Sunfish   Laser   Radial  
Friday Spring Series Totals
Friday Night Spring Races
1   2   3   4   5  6  7 8 9 11 12
Hula Cup 
US Pan Am Trials - Sunfish   
SBYA Boat of the Year
Sarabay Cup
One Design Midwinters   Photos
CHERRY PIE-PHRF Dinghies      
Winter Series  1 2 5 6 5a 6a 7 8 
Snowbird Regatta-PHRF Scots 2
 Scows 1 Scows 2
Hangover Regatta

Commodore's Cup
PHRF   Scots & Scows   Portsmouth 
Drumstick Regatta
Stiletto Nationals  1 2 3
Great Pumpkin
PHRF & Ports 1  Port 2  Port 3