Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2007 12:03:10 -0500
 Subject: YSP space

 ExCom: Be aware other folks are lining up to take a shot at the ex-
 Pelican Man space. There's certainly no rationale to put another
 animal rescue joint there, as one could be located anywhere. As you
 might expect, Mote is starting to flex its interest.
 However the site could be wonderful for the YSP, and give them their
 own space. I'm sure we at the SSS can, will and should put all our
 energies to help the YSP secure that spot. However the lack of
 response from the YSP leadership to even consider the idea makes me
 wonder if we are living with a parasite...a 30-something who refuses
 to consider leaving home.
 Considering the checkered relationship between the SSS and YSP over
 these decades, if they refuse to pursue this opening and opportunity,
 I for one will be more critical of their performance in the future.
 The slack is coming out of my line of approval.
 The reason for urgency is two-fold. Not only is the future of the
 property in play, but the City island Leaseholders Association is
 meeting 11 Jan 07 for routine biz...two days after our SSS Board
 meeting. The Pelican Man issue is certain to arise at the CILA, and
 if the YSP has not taken a position at that time, the ball will fall
 by default to Mote for CILA support. It's "head out of the sand time"
 for the YSP, because this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
 Until we hear from the YSP, I would not support starting construction
 of "their" office on "our" property. s/StanZ
 ps. I note as of last Friday the houseboat was still at the wave
 fence. Is anybody home over there?


Editor's note: Stan seems determined to put the YSP in another location. A couple of years ago he went before the City Commission to argue for the YSP to be installed at O'Leary's. To see a report on that, click   here.