Dear John,

It has come to my attention that you have issued a directive to the Mooring Committee and Squadron Management that you are seeking to immediately prohibit replacement screw moorings from being installed in the Squadron mooring field. I am astonished at this move on your part. The mooring committee has made certain recommendations to the full board, and the board had previously enacted those recommendations. The Squadron has a policy which has been approved by the Board of Directors which prohibits using replacement moorings made of concrete blocks (the prior accepted mooring gear) and allows only screw moorings to be used as replacements.

If you have any desire to effect a change in this policy, I believe the proper procedure is to go to your Executive Committee and the Mooring Committee and raise any issues or concerns or new information you have and then bring this to the attention of the full Board of Directors and ask for a vote. I do not believe that you have any authority whatsoever to issue directives or unilateral decisions, and without the support of your board.

I understand that there may be a safety risk associated with an installer of a screw mooring, in light of newly learned information that there may be a gas pipeline running "somewhere" through our mooring field. Notwithstanding that the pipeline company will come out and mark the area of the pipeline for us, your directive banning a screw mooring and effectively ALL REPLACEMENT mooring gear has put all the vessels in the mooring field at risk.

The Squadron has rules and regulations that require that all mooring holders exercise due diligence and insure that their boats are safe on their moorings to protect not only their own vessels, but other vessels and any other property, government or private, that could be impacted by a boat coming off its mooring.

Your directive fails to indicate that as an alternative, a block can be used as a replacement until the screw and pipeline issue is resolved. It is in effect a ban on replacing all gear as necessary to insure maximum safety and protection of property.

This in my view is one of the primary reasons that a Commodore must get support and consensus from his board. There are often unintended consequences to a knee jerk reaction to a perceived problem and in my view this is EXACTLY why the Squadron has a board and has committees and does not permit unilateral decisions by its individual board members.

Your Executive Committee and your various other committees are there to help make sound and prudent decisions for the benefit of the club and the community. Use their input. They will assist the Squadron in arriving at good decisions without unintended consequences.

I urge you to revoke your unilateral directive immediately and to seek the advice and counsel of your fellow board members and bring this to a quick resolution. Failure to build consensus and gain support of the Squadron membership and its directors is done at your peril.


Alan Pressman, Past Commodore