2/22/07 - Dear Alan,
I'm surprised that you feel I mischaracterized your conversation. I feel you mischaracterized my conversation. Opinions differ.
My purpose is to give voice to all members, including those who do not hold the gavel and do not determine Burgee content.
I will take your suggestion and post the email exchanges we have had on this subject. Everyone has a right to be heard.
But realistically, don't you think this is more hullaballoo than the subject warrants? I can't tell you how many people have told me they appreciate the independent member site. To engage in all this bantering  at the instigation of a few really seems a waste of time. 
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From: Alan Pressman
To: Charlie Clifton
Sent: Wednesday, February 21, 2007 5:49 PM
Subject: Comments posted on website.

Hey Charlie;


A BOD member suggested I take a look at your latest post re. my phone call.  Least you could do is give me the courtesy of not mischaracterizing what I said to you.


I suggest you post my email to the BOD which I ccd you on.  This is a little more accurate as to what I said and on whos behalf I made the courtesy call to you.


I told you I was asking on behalf of the Board of Directors.  It was not a personal call.



2/21/07 - I appreciate being copied so I may make a reply. A few clarifications on Alan Pressman's email.
My recollection of what transpired between Alan Broadribb and me in regard to the other web site was that Alan had a concern that the two web sites were so similar that the "other" site could be mistaken for the "official" site. I agreed to change the "other" site so that they would not be confused. After several different experimentations, it became apparent that the best way to differentiate was state clearly at the top and bottom of the page that the "other" web site was a members site. A link to the "official" site was provided so that a viewer could easily exit and go to the "official" site if they desired.
I asked Alan Pressman if he knew who owned the logo on the web page. He stated he did not.
As far as the mooring field expense conversation goes, I never told Alan Pressman it was his responsibility to provide anything. He said he did not agree with the numbers I had. I told him I would be happy to publish an accurate accounting if one was provided. It is my belief that transparency is the best policy. But I never told AP it was his responsibility to do so.
As far as "disgruntled" goes..... I'm not disgruntled. I believe that transparency is good. Different opinions should be expressed. Just because all opinions are not the same doesn't mean one holder is "disgruntled".
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From: Alan Pressman
To: Andy Hodgson ; David Curry ; David Emmerling ; Janet and Damon Gannon ; Randy St. James ; Stan Zimmerman ; Tom Dieter ; Tom Younkman ; Jim May
Cc: Allan Broadribb ; Pat Murphy ; Alan Pressman (Alan Pressman) ; Charlie Clifton
Sent: Wednesday, February 21, 2007 11:06 AM
Subject: SSS Alternate Website

Memo to: All SSS Board Members



I want to advise each of you that after a brief conversation with Board Member Randy St. James, who volunteered to have a "chat" with member Charlie Clifton about the "alternate" SSS website which he administers, I took it upon myself to have a phone conversation with Charlie for the purposes of getting Charlie's position more clearly understood and to be able to share it with all BOD members.


I mentioned to Charlie that I recall that under Allan Broadribb's tenure as Commodore, Allan told me that he had asked Charlie to discontinue use of the Squadron logo/graphics and to clearly identify his site; www.sarasotasailingsquadron.com  as "not an official SSS website".  Apparently, Charlie had earlier registered this domain name and is the current owner of it.  My recollection was that Charlie did in fact remove the logo after Allan's request and also added some text to more clearly identify the site as "unofficial".  Charlie agreed today, that he "may have removed the logo" but contends he did not agree to do this as a direct response to Allan's request.


Currently, Charlie is using the SSS logo again on his alternate site just as he uses it on the "official" site which Charlie also administers voluntarily.   When I asked Charlie if he would agree to discontinue using the logo on the alternate sight, he replied with an emphatic "No".


Charlie also mentioned that he had heard the Board had some issue with the rumor that he has placed on his website about the expenses incurred to date for the mooring field and about future sea grass remediation work to be done.  My response was to ask him why he published "rumor" on his website at all.  He indicated that he believes it is my responsibility to dispel any such rumors to his satisfaction in order for him to correct or remove said rumors.  I advised Charlie, that my obligations as Commodore do not require me to respond to or dispel rumors published on a disgruntled member's website. 








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