2015 Cherry Pie Multihull Rendezvous


Eighteen boats showed up for the 2015 Cherry Pie Multi Hull Regatta at the Sarasota Sailing Squadron February 6-8. Three divisions competed, PHRF Low (-105-21), PHRF High (48-84) and Corsair Sprint 750s. Variably moderate conditions prevailed over the three day event.

The Corsair 28R Evolution, crewed by Kathryn and Paul Garlick with reknowned avocado horticulturist Miro Kafka, handily won PHRF Low by posting bullets in 6 of 10 races. The Terra Ceia Bay crew gave credit to the coaching of East Coast sailor Tom Hudgins. Hudgins first coached Evolutionís long time rival and Cherry Pie runner up Tom Reese on Flight Simulator . Then he came aboard Evolution to help develop the speed which has won them the last two regattas.

Katherine and Paul Garlick with Miro Kafka approach the windward mark.
Flight Simulator , also a Corsair 28R, posted two bullets to nail down a solid second.

Colin Wartman on Proclivity , a 31 footer from Kingston Yacht Club, did a pretty good job of making up the 45 seconds/mile he had to give most of the fleet. A bullet and two second place finishes put him in third place ahead of a local Sarasota crew on Leilani led by Tony Vandenover.

In PHRF High, Jim Chamberís Snowfox won 7 out of 10 races to clinch first place by 10 points.

Going into the third day, three boats were tied for second. Then Ben Carver on Entourage put together a string of seconds capped by a bullet in the last race. That clinched the runner up position over two Sarasota Bay boats, Jim Bourgoinís First Tri and Tung Nguyenís Triple Barrel.

Oddly enough, Jay Roth on Weird Kitty from Old Drunks Yacht Club was not last in every race. In fact, Weird Kitty placed second in race 4.

In the Sprint 750 class, Corsair stalwart Larry Geller also won 7 of 10 races to win his class by 8 points.

In second place, Philip Styne/Marsh on Speedster had a shot at first with 3 bullets and 5 seconds but did not sail the last two races.

Don Wigston from Fort Walton Beach was solidly in third.

L-R Flight Simulator, Leilani, Evolution and Proclivity come off the line Friday.
Tony has a nice start if he doesn't get squeezed off by Proclivity.

The Big Dog, OH Rogers Custom 40, comes roaring up to the starting line.
Eric Miller in action on the leeward hull.

OH has sailing legend Andy Cheney on the boat. Andy has probably won more Clearwater/Key West Races than anyone.

Mike Garam comes around the windward mark in Slingshot.

Leilani and Overdo battle it out down the run.

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