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August 8, 2015  

The video below is Ben Appel's video of the July 31 Jack Attack. It was shot from Jon Dowd's Stiletto 27 "Iguana". We are on the purple Stiletto 30 to windward. Doug and Tung Nguyen are coming up from astern. Tung is the one with all the spray around the bow. After he passed Jon about one minute later, he pitch poled the 32" cat in front the Ringling Bridge.

June 30   Bob Twinem's Flying Scot Report:
Greetings Fleet 36.
Been a little out of touch on vaca with Bren up in Maine but have to get some info out to you. 1) See below for info about the 4th of July racing. With questions contact Richard. (His info is below), 2) Ron wrote about last weeks racing, 4 boats;Mike smith, Noris, Pether and Dockery, and me. Breaze was puffie and shifty from about 245 8-14 mph I prevailed in all 3 races and was the rabbit in all 3 races.
our next race is the 11th and Barry is on vacation so I will be the RC.
3) Super job by our fleet mates at the NACs in Mississippi. Full details are on the website. Zeke and Jay 5th place, Dave and Kim, Top half, John and Susie D. Winners of Challenger Division, Charlie Cindy, Winners of the Seniors! Finally, if you haven't heard yet Fleet 36 is the Flying Scot Asssociation Fleet of the Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats to you all for your great contributions. We will organize a celebration when more of us are around in the coming season. Well done guys. We will see you on the 11th.
Bob Team Eightball

April 26   John Dowd on his Stiletto 27 Iguana bested a fleet of 25 boats at the 15th Annual Sarasota Bay Cup, a pursuit race for the title “Queen of the Bay”. Double handing with crewman Carl Lamparter, Dowd ran down all 22 monohulls that started before him. The scratch boat Double Barrel, Tung Nguyen’s F30 catamaran, passed him at one point but Dowd managed to regain the lead in a neck and neck battle. The multi hull fleet had seven boats out on a beautiful day on Sarasota Bay.

Dave Wilson on his Hunter 30 Solitude, was the first monohull to finish. That put him on top of the nine boat Non-spinnaker Class, a minute and a half in front of Dave Ettinger’s Cal 35 Spindrift. The 5-10 knot westerly suited the Non-spin boats as their leader finished over 4 minutes in front of the first Spinnaker boat.

That first Spinnaker boat was Chad Weiss’ J-100 Zephyr. Zephyr finished inches in front of Bob Miller’s Non Spinnaker S2 White Hawk. Second in Spin class was Randy St. James’ S2 9.2 Gin Queen with a hardy complement of women crew.

The 5 boat Pocket Cruiser class was won by Bob Hindle on his Sabre 30 Windsong. Bob and crew have been steadily improving their finishes in the last year.

Two E Scows sailed the course under Portsmouth handicaps. At the finish of the 12 mile course, SSS Race Captain Richard Elsishan was 2 seconds ahead of Ted Wiehe.

Food trucks were a big hit at the awards presentation. The hand crafted trophies by artist Cindy Clifton topped off a perfect day of sailboat racing.

April 7   Greetings Fleet 36,
Once again Mother Nature did not disappoint us and we had a fantastic day of racing last Saturday afternoon. Thank you to Kirk and Conrad for sending on 3 solid races on the westerly breeze blowing in off Longboat.

Once again we shared the line and course with the MC fleet starting about 5 minutes apart. We had 10 Scots racing in the beautiful conditions.

It was great to see Laurie K racing on of the Lassie boats with her family and Michelle out practicing with her son on the other Lassie boat. The Larabees raced their boat together for the first time in our fleet. Super to see the new faces joining in the fun.

The racing on the course was for most of us very tight and crowded, especially at the windward mark roundings when all boats from both sides repeatedly converged on the mark at the same time. I say most of us because Sidewalk Express was blazing in a tune up for next week's District Regatta, taking the first 2 races with comfortable leads.

Back at the squadron when results were tabulated over libations and snacks, the no contest winner of the day was Sidewalk Express, second went to Serenity and filling out the podium was Ack Ack! A couple, to a few, points back were the rest of us.

Good luck to our traveling teams on the Space Coast next weekend. Our next fleet date is April 18. April 25th is the Sarasota Bay Cup at SSS.
Good sailing all, Bob Team Eightball

March 29    The Albacore International Regatta took place here. Story and photos.

March 23     The last week has been very eventful. We had three great days of racing at the Flying Scot MidWinters. Local SSS sailors Zeke and Jay Horowitz tied for first but finished second via tie breaker. It was a good turnout from our local fleet. Story

Friday and Sunday we did RC work with Ron Pletsch for the SSS One Design Midwinters.Story

Saturday we took Sunspot, Bill Johnsen's big Stiletto 30 up to Tampa Bay for the Around Egmont Race. They blew off the race at the south end of Egmont when the wind filled in.

The Squadron boats are in desperate need of maintenance. It is silly to get new ones if they are going to be treated like the ones we have. A regular boat maintenance program should be a top priority ASAP.

March 10     Flying Scot Fleet 36 news from Bob Twinem
Greetings Fleet 36, A lot is going on for our fleet right now. Last weekend Steam Boat Willy represented well at the District Regatta at Davis Island. Well done guys. On the home front we had 7 Scots racing on the bay in what turned out to be ideal conditions for the racing Scots. Thank you to John and Jim for great RC work. We shared the bay with the MC scows who were having an invitational regatta. With the northeasterly blowing, we sailed windward leeward courses southwest of mark C, using C as the windward mark for 3 good races. We can only hope for these conditions next week. The 30 degree shifts and pressure changes from around 10-15, made for some very interesting racing. When the spray was washed off the boats at the end of the day and the scores were tallied, Leprechaun sailed to third place, close behind was Ack Ack in second. On top of the podium with a rare hat trick of wins was Eightball.

March 9     Out of towners dominated the MC Scow Regatta. Jeremy Pape, Jeffrey Nicholas and Robert Cole from Lake Lanier, Clear Lake and, Rochester Yacht Clubs respectively came 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

The Squadron's own Dave Hillmyer was the first local boat. He sailed under the flag of the Marianas Yacht Club, an obscure mid-Pacific backwater that he uses to stump trivia participants. Results

February 23     From FS Fleet Captain Bob Twinem - Greetings Fleet 36, Another glorious day of racing on Sarasota Bay was put in the books last Saturday. Thank you to Rita and the MC Scow fleet for RC duties. In ideal conditions we raced 3 windward, leeward, finish to windward races on the South to Southwest breeze that was blowing 10-15. We had a good turnout with 11 Scots hitting the start line. The fleet has been getting tighter and tighter from top to bottom and this day was no exception. It was great to see Wind Up Toy and Lucky Dog back out on the course again. Also Kudos go out to Jim for helping Tom get his boat out racing for the first time! Serenity AKA ChuckNorris took the first race and third for the day. Eightball finished consistently for a second for the day and Zoom rode a screaming reach to first place in the second race and first for the day! Other notables, Leprechaun winning the 3rd race and a birthday celebration for John with cake at the post race gathering. Our next race date is Mar 7th. There is lots going on with our fleet these days with the Midwinter Regatta fast approaching. We'll look forward to seeing you soon and often. Bob Team Eightball

February 17     From FS Fleet Captain Bob Twinem - We experienced great midwinter sailing all across the state last weekend. Seven Scots sailed in the Cherry Pie Regatta Saturday. Conditions were ideal and very challenging. Winds, generally from the north, ranged from around 8-14 and seemed to constantly change in direction and strength.

We had 2 good windward, leeward, finish races with many lead changes. The fleet was very tight throughout.

After we hit the shore for the post race, places continued to change as Zoom withdrew from race 2 after learning of a rule violation and Serenity had scored the dreaded OCS also in the second race.

When the dust settled, Randy scored his first podium finish in 3rd place, Leprechaun was 2nd and Eightball took the day.

Across the state at Lake Eustis, 3 of our fleet members represented well as Serge, Steamboat Willy and JaMingo made the trek to the district regatta. Team Horowitz in JaMingo took 2nd in a 28 boat fleet in a good tune up for the upcoming Midwinter Regatta at SSS.

Our next race date is this Saturday, Feb. 21, start at 1:30. This Friday is a must attend social event, the February Fireside Chat and chili cookoff.

February 16     Congratulations to Phil Karcher, Dave Hilmyer and Kevin Ratigan who raced at the Florida Laser Masers in Palm Beach last weekend. Phil and Dave finished 7th and 16th respectively in the 54 boat Full Rig fleet. Kevin raced Radials.

February 15     35 boats turned out Saturday for the Cherry Pie Regatta. The big draw was Nellie's tasty Cherry Pie.

In the largest class, Dave Wilson and crew on Solitude beat Doug Dearden's In tune crew by a little over a minute. In the fastest class, the Sunspot crew led by Bill Johnsen, bested a Peter Wormwood helmed Iguana. Zephyr, Spindrift and Green Flash won Spinnaker, Cruising and Pocket Cruising respectively.

Scots and Scows sailed two races on a windward-leeward course.The Elswick/Tanner crew on Serenity and the Pether/Dockery crew on Zoom celebrated their 1-2 finishes in the first race by both being OCS in the second. That left the door open for the Twinems on Eight Ball to win that class over runnerup Leprechaun with Don Perry and Stu Smith. John Galick on "10" took the E Scow fleet followed by Jim Barr in second and Jim Barr in third.   Results

February 9     Last weekend the third leg of the Viper Winter Series took place out on the circle. Sarasota YSP alumnus Dan Pletsch with crew Peter and Rachel Beardsley placed first. SSS sailors Travis Yates, Dave Banyard, Dave Hillmyer, Michelle Lee and Cliff Whatmore finished 4, 6, 7, 14 and 16 respectively for the series. Ron Pletsch, Kirk Burnett, Barb Branning, Tristan Lee, Larry Brown, Chuck Tanner and Charlie Clifton ran the race committee.

The Cherry Pie Multi Hull Rendezvous also took place last weekend. Squadron members Tony Vandenover, John Novak, Jim Bourgoin and Bob Neff raced. Click name for story.

February 2    Flying Scot News from Bob Twinem.
Greetings Fleet 36, Super super day of racing last Saturday. We shared the bay with close to 30 VX ones. Their part of the bay was most of the circle and we found a good place to set up racing windward leeward races in the area between marks C and L. Thank you to Ted and Ted for running 3 good races. Being tucked up under the mainland and racing on the easterly the conditions were very shifty with large changes on velocity. The shifts kept us all on our toes searching for the fastest route to the top.

Downwind, watching over the transom and positioning for the next big puff was the name of the game. With temps in the low 70's, winds about 8-12 and flat water the sailing conditions couldn't have been better for the nine Scots on the bay. It was great to see Poco out again for the first time this season. Brave Heart did a nice job in training mode with a crew of 4. Tom certainly learned a lot on that trip, Serge wore out the left corner all day and took the top podium honors. Leprechaun won the first race then sailed consistently to second for the day.

In the show position was Eightball. We are postponing next weeks race to take part in the Cherry Pie Regatta, Feb 14. Please change your calendar. Also note that early registration time for the Midwinter Regatta is quickly approaching. See you on the bay soon.
- Bob Team Eightball

January 27    Monday evening the Fleet Captain meeting was held with Race Captain Richard Elsishan presiding.Strategies were discussed to contact new members to encourage them to join a fleet and make it accessible for them.
It was decided to put the monthly club regattas back on their traditional dates and start times. A history of the origins and traditions of the regattas was commissioned. Jack Attack format and scheduling was continued pending consultation with Jack Attack participants.

January 24    Commodore's Cup and other sailing was blown off due to weather. Flying Scot races were rescheduled for next Saturday, January 31.

January 20    Last Sunday a so called "Squadron Championship 15" was held, apparently to provide a venue for Herb Larrabee's Race Committee Class.

Six teams were thrown together at the last minute representing Viper 640, E Scow, M Scow, Flying Scot, PHRF and Cruiser fleets. Six races were eventually completed to comprise a round robin in the YSP supplied J-22s.

The Flying Scot crew consisting of Bob Twinem, Ron Pletsch and Charlie Clifton won the series with three bullets and a third.

The Viper crew with Dave Hillmyer, Randy St. James and Travis Yates was second with 3 seconds and a first.

The E Scow crew with Richard Elsishan, Andy Hodgson and Bill Kimbell was third.

The E Scow and Viper crew had the most exciting race of the day as they battled each other neck and neck in a jibing duel all the way down the run in the last race. The E Scow boys finished ahead by a nose.

A followup race management clinic is in the works which will cover how to avoid oral sailing instructions, how to choose uncongested course venues with sufficient depth, how to avoid general recalls by identifying OCS boats and how to get a race off in a timely manner.

Flying Scot News from Bob Twinem.
We had a beautiful day of racing last Saturday sharing the circle with the MC fleet. Thank you to Ted, the Dans, & Tom for RC duties in the changing conditions. We heard before the race that the wind might clock right during the afternoon but we did not expect it to clock 270 degrees right. Nine Scots race in 3 races with winds about 5-10 and temps around 70. It would be great if we could bottle these conditions up and bring them out every Saturday during the winter months. Steam Boat Willy (Brown/Pletsch)is rounding into form, winning race 2 and taking 3rd for the day. Zoom (Dockery/Pether)was sailed consistently fast for a daily 2nd place. Winning 2 of the races and the day was Eightball (Twinems). There was good food for the post race gathering. Next up for us is the Commodores Cup Regatta, this Saturday, Jan. 24th. Its a great time of year to be out on the bay.

Previous Reports
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First boat over the line was Jon Dowd's

First monohull
Solitude toasts their victory at the Sarasota Bay Cup.

The girls had the
Gin Queen going fast.

Richard Elsishan leads the MC Scow fleet around the leeward mark at the ODMs on Friday.

Chuck Molineaux, Kirk Burnett and Bill Johnsen begin a beautiful spinnaker leg from the top of Anna Maria coming back from the "We Didn't Go Around Egmont" race.

Will Stocke and Bryan White win the last VX One race at the One Design Midwinters.

Torr-ific, Sidewinder, Tucker McElroy and the Amthor family approach the leeward mark at the Viper Winter Series.
Click at left for story and more photos.

The PHRF Low fleet comes off the line at the Cherry Pie Multihull Rendezvous.
Click at left for story and photos.
1.   At the January 18 Squadron Championship 15, the E Scow crew (2) gains control of the Viper crew (4) as the PHRF crew (1) is late and the Cruiser crew decides to go cruising.

2.   Elsishan and crew have done a great job eking around the pin, maintaining enough way to bear off ahead of the Viper crew and gain a safe leeward position.

3.  In a text book start, the E Scow crew is off to the favored side with speed in clear air. The Vipers are gassed. The PHRF team is forced to the wrong side of the course.

Jeff Penfield, Chuck Tanner and Steve Osler lead regatta winners Egan and Elsishan up the beat.

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