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February 21, 2012     Three Sarasota boats did well at the St. Pete NOOD last weekend.

John Casey and Dalton Tebo won the F-18 class. Steve Liebl's Melges 24 and Randy St. James J-80 both placed third in their respective classes.

The first two days had very little wind and produced one race. The third day it blew like hell and four races were completed.

February 13, 2012    Kirk Burnett built a new storage area for the RC gear by the hoist and then sent in this report:

As you may or may not have noticed, a blessed event has occurred at the RC equipment shed has been born in the hoist area, Praise Posiedon!!!!

This means that the years of shlepping marks and anchors up and down stairs, across the Squadron grounds and out onto the docks has sadly? come to an end.

As of this writing, the entire structure that houses the hoist gear, gas cans and, RC gear has been reroofed, repaired, primed and should last for a while. It took a tiny bit longer than first thought but what ev.....

My thanks go out to a bunch of folks.....the Petrat family for their generous donation of time and the metal roofing and trim for the job. Then....Laurel Kaiser for her labor tearing the old roof off and the FINE paint job, and for making me almost believe that she gave a crap about what I thought about the colors! Doug Stewart, who I can't believe was there as much as I was. Andy Hodgson, who managed to get more paint on himself than the work. Ed Seenstra, who helped lay the foundation of this massive undertaking and, the hardest working maintenance man since James Brown, Mark Schiffner for fixing my plumbing misadventure...AND.....the millions of folks who stopped by to offer their design expertise.....wonderful! Thanks to the SSS staff Craig, Nelly, Constance and, Paige...... now where did I leave my glasses?

February 11, 2012     A blustery northerly shut down all racing for the day. Cherry Pie is postponed.

February 10, 2012     High hopes abound for the racing program since Donna Hilmyer and Deb St. James took over race management at the Squadron. This is encouraging since there wasn't any before.

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Cherry Pie and NOOD are coming up. Reports should start reappearing here on the races. Check back soon.

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